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M12 motor connectors provide all-in-one connectivity for power, signal and data

30-05-2022 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Cables and Enclosures

TTI, Inc. now stocks the Intercontec M12 one cable technology (OTC) motor connectors from TE Connectivity. These M12 metal connectors offer IP66/77 protection when mated and are rated for 500 mating cycles. This enables robust and reliable installation of small servo motors for automation, robotics, packaging, food and beverage, and material handling applications.

The new connectors offer a maximum rated voltage of 630V (8-pole variant) with a maximum rated current of 8A. They also cover the digital transmission of 2- and 4-wire encoder protocols such as Hiperface DSL, EnDat 2.2, ACURO link and SCS open link.

“With OCT solutions, using just one interface reduces the costs for electrical engineering on the servo motors as well as the expenditure for cabling in the application,” said Markus Lorenz, director Industry Marketing – Industrial Europe, TTI. “TE Connectivity’s Intercontec M12 motor connectors are key focus products. They are an excellent example for the wide range of solutions we offer as part of our 2022 Smart Factory – Industrial NetworkIndustrial Network initiative. Especially as a one-cable solution, the new connectors enable fast termination and the flexibility to save installation time and cost further.”

M12 motor connectors provide all-in-one connectivity for power, signal and data

Waterproof Electrical Connector The system provides 360-degree EMC shielding without cutting the braid to save termination time. The Speedtec fast locking system saves installation costs and offers backwards compatibility with standard screw locking connectors. It is created so that locking is only achievable when the connector is fully mated. The rotatable angled housing allows easy adjustment of the cable outlet direction, even for the final installation position of the equipment in service.