East Van Cross neon sign - Vancouver Is Awesome

We're happy to announce that we've partnered with Vancouver's Own Nightglow Studio to release an LED neon sign version of Ken Lum's take on the East Van Cross - 'Monument for East Vancouver'!

Nightglow is headed up by two keen, young entrepreneurs named Melissa and Selena. With experience in engineering and graphic design, coupled with equal amounts of hustle and drive, they've created a local company that produces these custom LED neon signs for clients. Custom Neon

East Van Cross neon sign  - Vancouver Is Awesome

With artwork officially licensed from the city of Vancouver who owns the trademark, this high-quality, energy-efficient LED light is the perfect way to light up any room and show off your love for East Van.

It's not only a stunning piece of art but also a conversation starter, is easy to install and comes with all necessary hanging hardware.

Nightglow handcrafts their signs using LED neon strips that are mounted on an acrylic board.

They begin by laser cutting the outline of the sign onto acrylic. They then use neon strips to trace the design of the sign while gluing and soldering them into place.

They use LED neon strips because its more durable, sustainable, and affordable than traditional neon. Most importantly, with LED neon strips don't compromise on the glow of the sign.

The piece measures 26cm x 36cm, is made-to-order, and ships 2 weeks after you complete payment.

East Van Cross neon sign  - Vancouver Is Awesome

Large Garden Signs Proceeds from the sale of these signs will go towards help keeping Vancouver Is Awesome a free publication, online and in print.