The Shark Vacmop is marked down to $69.99 at Walmart

Shark VACMOP Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop for $69 at Walmart

Vacuuming and mopping. Mopping and vacuuming. If you want clean floors in your home, you don't get to choose one chore or the other. But because the 21st century is all about technological solutions to minor domestic inconveniences, there's a device to combine your: The Shark VACMOP, which, you guessed it, combines a vacuum and a mop to cut down on your household chores. Cleaning Rags

The Shark Vacmop is marked down to $69.99 at Walmart

Right now, the Shark VACMOP is marked down to $69 at Walmart from its retail price of $99, to boot.

The cordless VACMOP basically combines a dustbuster and a Swiffer, allowing you to simultaneously vacuum dry detritus and wet messes into its disposable pads. That you don't have to vacuum first and mop later. The onboard multi-surface floor cleaner also negates the need for buckets, and the no-touch disposal means you don't have to worry about a dust bomb or messy spill when you're emptying the VACMOP, either.

At under 5 pounds, and under $70, the VACMOP a lightweight and versatile cleaner that will save you time around the house. It comes with two disposable pads and a 12-oz. bottle of multi-surface cleaner. And when you need refills on either, those are inexpensive and easy to find, too.

The Shark Vacmop is marked down to $69.99 at Walmart

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