ReiCalm with Reishi extract and AlphaWave increases relaxation and mental focus

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ReiCalm with Reishi extract and AlphaWave increases relaxation and mental focus

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Mushroom supplements may be the most rapidly expanding category in the supplement field today, with the recent NBJ Herbs and Botanicals Report showing 25% - 60% growth each year over the last three years.

Now two of the industry’s leading botanical suppliers, Ethical Naturals (ENI) and Nammex have teamed up to offer a Mushrooms plus line of formulas that open new opportunities for companies looking for premium and cutting edge products in this expanding field.

The Mushrooms Plus products contain organically certified mushroom extracts, with added key ingredients that increase their effectiveness and marketability. The mushroom extracts are all supplied by Nammex, the North American leader in the development of analytical science in the field, and the resulting production of high-grade, standardized extracts. Nammex extracts are from the fruit bodies only, and contain none of the mycelium and grain from the growing medium that’s found in many ‘mushroom’ products on the market today.

Ethical Naturals is a key developer and supplier of standardized and proprietary botanical ingredients such as its AlphaWave L-Theanine and it’s ProfileProven,​ botanical extracts. These are included in the Mushrooms-plus formulas that can be supplied either in bulk or ready encapsulated and packaged through ENI’s solar powered, cGMP certified production facility in Redwood City, California. Key products in the line are:

ReiCalm is formulated to enhance calm relaxation without drowsiness. The formula is based on ENI’s AlphaWave L-Theanine, shown in two clinical studies to increase alpha brainwave activity [1]. AlphaWave is combined with Red Reishi extract, standardized for Beta-D-glucans, and containing triterpenes and other naturally occurring compounds from Reishi mushroom. Red Reishi (Ganoderma lingzhi)​ is a core herb in Chinese traditional medicine, used for its ability to combat many kinds of stress, and to replenish the body’s energies.

This formula addresses cellular support & healthy aging. It contains GRAS affirmed ergothioneine (from fermentation) and standardized Shiitake mushroom extract (Lentinus edodes)​. A number of published research articles and studies have focused on ergothioneine’s ability to promote cellular support and healthy aging [2], and as a result it’s now an ingredient of high market interest. Ergothioneine occurs naturally in a number of foods, and Shiitake mushrooms are a significant source.

This formula addresses clear focus and mental alertness. It contains Lion’s Mane extract, one of today’s most popular mushrooms due to recent published research that shows its ability to promote clear thinking and long-term brain health [3]. Lion’s Mane mushroom contains the compounds called hericenones that stimulate and support healthy brain cell growth. This is combined with PureLeaf Ginkgo biloba extract, supporting healthy brain circulation, memory and mental acuity.

This formula addresses energy and endurance. Cordyceps has been used for thousands of years in traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine for its ability to provide healthy immune support and core energy benefits. Modern published research confirms significant support for Cordyceps systemic benefits [4]. In this formula, the benefits of Cordyceps fruit body extract are enhanced, ENI’s standardized Panax ginseng root extract.

Increasing consumer awareness supported by data: nature verified by science:​

Nature verified by science has been ENI’s core principle since the company’s founding, and its not by chance that Nammex and ENI have teamed up to expand the choices in the mushroom category. As Jeff Chilton Nammex founder and President says:

‘Nammex has worked with ENI for decades and our two companies have always been aligned in defining quality by scientific analysis. We’re pleased to supply material for ReiCalm and the other products in the Mushrooms Plus line.’

Both Cal Bewicke, CEO of ENI, and Bill Chioffi, Nammex’s chief innovation and strategy office, agreed that the time is ripe for a new line of authentic mushroom ingredients that speak to the growing consumer demand. Chioffi affirmed also that one of the big differentiators for the Mushrooms Plus line is that the extracts come from authentic fruit bodies as distinct form the many mycelium–based ingredients that are found on the market.

‘We’re very pleased to be able to bring together the highest grade Nammex extracts with the core ingredients that ENI has worked on for years to develop,’ says Cal Bewicke. ‘The Nammex quality program meshes perfectly with our cGMP facility standards, and we’ve always shared the goals of bringing the highest grade products to the market backed by science and  value. This new line makes it easier for brands to get into the category in a meaningful way, as we can supply these products either as bulk powder, or ready encasulated and bottled’.

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[2] Irwin K.Cheah et. al. Ergothioneine, Recent Developments, Redox Biology, June 2021, Vol. 42

[3] Koichiro Mori Improving effects of the mushroom Yamabushitake (Hericium erinaceus) on mild cognitive impairment: a double blind placebo controlled study, Phytother Res., March 2009.

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ReiCalm with Reishi extract and AlphaWave increases relaxation and mental focus

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