South Texas panaderia is home to Texas' best bakery & among best bakeries in America: Report

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DALLAS (KDAF) — Breakfast is always important and there may not be something better to get your day started with than some baked goods, especially muffins.

Monday, February 20 is National Muffin Day and we’re taking our talents to find where the best bakeries are throughout the US!

“Talk to your bakery-bound friends, and consult your favorite app — hiding behind some storefront near you is your own magical muffin match. Go on a tour of coffee shops and buy a muffin from each, then cut them up and do a taste test, by yourself or with friends,” National Today said.

A report from Mashed found the best bakery in every state and Texas’ top pick is a panaderia down south in San Antonio! Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia is the best bakery throughout the Lone Star State:

“Tucked away in San Antonio, this bakery has been listed as a bucket-list item for those living in and visiting Texas. Established in 1941, the café serves up Tex-Mex favorites. The bakery in the front, established later in 1955, offers some of the best baked goods in Texas. The bakery serves up traditional panaderia offerings such as tres leches cake and yoyo de fresa, but Mi Tierra Café y Panadería is really known for its delicious pecan praline candy.”

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