The French papermaker Arches of the Fila group is launching a range of traditional papers for high-end digital printing intended for printing for fine art and photo publishing.Inkjet versions of emblematic papers, these papers manufactured near Épinal in the Vosges retain the artisanal aspect of Arches products.

Compared to their classic version, these new papers have the particularity of being covered with a layer specifically developed by the research centers of the Arches Paper Mill for inkjet printing.Although white, they are free of optical brighteners, which prevents any discoloration of the paper. Thermal Paper Rolls

Four Arches papers for digital printing

Arches 100% cotton papers are made on a round mold, a traditional process that characterizes the Arches Paper Mill."The slow rotation of the cylinder allows the fibers to be deposited regularly and to be distributed in all directions on the canvas. The paper is therefore homogeneous and has good dimensional stability (…). Only manufacturing on a round form makes it possible to obtain papers with fringed edges" explains the papermaker whose history dates back to 1492.

The range in grammage 310 g/m2 in sheets and rolls consists of four references.

Arches 88 for inkjet printing is based on the well-known fine art paper for screen printing and intaglio printing, Arches 88. It has a smooth, velvety, pure white surface and offers good precision. colours.

Arches BFK Rives for inkjet printing is available in two shades: a pure white intended more for color prints, and a natural white, for black and white prints.The stationer advises them on obtaining prestigious inkjet prints.

Arches Watercolor Rag for inkjet printing, a digital version of the reference watercolor paper, has a strong texture and would, according to Arches, be ideal for images with large tints and large formats.

These papers without optical brighteners meet the requirements of the ISO 9706 conservation standard, essential for galleries and museums.

Four Arches papers for digital printing

80x80 Thermal Paper This new range of papers will be available by the end of March.